Hi, I'M ashley

I'm the creator of this Wedding Planning + Design company I like to call White Ivy Weddings.

I've always had a passion for creativity and design. Whether it be perfecting my handwriting or crafting gifts for friends and family, I knew early on that my life would be one led by imagination and creativity. 

I have spent my whole life going to weddings! So many of my relatives got married during my childhood and teens. Once I hit university, it seems as though I have had multiple friends get married each year ever since!  I've been blessed with the opportunity of seeing so many different types of weddings - from full-out parties to intimate backyard gatherings - i've known so many weddings as a guest, and now on the other side as a coordinator (as well as a bride!).

I have always been in love with the personality and beauty of weddings and have had the opportunity to work on many exciting ones since the inception of White Ivy in 2014.

I believe every wedding should be personal and an expression of yourselves as a couple. Weddings should tell the story of your love and relationship. One of my favourite parts of planning with a couple is learning about how they found each other, what made them fall for one another, and why they decided to get married. My goal is to help that message and that feeling come through on your wedding day to help create an everlasting memory.

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Since you've decided to read on and are clearly the slightest bit interested, here are a few more fun things about me other than my obvious love i've written about at length above...

  • The name White Ivy Weddings is actually a play on my maiden name, LeBlanc-Tod. 'Blanc' is the French word for 'white'. 'Tod', somewhere down the long line of Old English means... and I quote, 'a bushy mass - especially of ivy'. So it has sentimental value to me, especially now that I go by my married name, Evans.
  • I grew up in Grande Pointe, MB and a huge part of my heart is out in those small town communities.
    My cultural background is a mix of French, Scottish and Mexican... which is usually the part people associate with me due to my lack of height (5 feet, baby!), my dark hair and my extreme love of Tex-Mex.
  • Early on, I had the ambition of becoming an orchestral musician. Music has always been a very large part of my life and will continue to be, but my path changed directions slightly during my years at university and look at the magical place it has brought me! My searching for a different creative outlet eventually led me towards studying and completing my Wedding Planner's Institute of Canada certificate in 2014 and I have been immersing myself in the wedding world ever since!
  • "Saturdates" are my favourite way to spend time with my girlfriends. You'll frequently find us at local markets, coffee houses and flower shops.
  • I currently am dreaming of being a dog-mom, specifically to a dachshund (whom I have already named Tater). However due to my current apartment-dwelling, i'll have to dream a little longer...⠀ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️